iSLT? What’s that about?

Student Leadership. It’s a value we’ve talked about for years. We genuinely want ministry BY students, not just FOR students. And finally, this year, we are putting our proverbial money where our heart is.

When students hear friends share their personal story, they connect. 

When students create and launch a new initiative, they begin to feel their own sense of calling and bring their friends along side.

When students see their friends as kingdom workers, as devoted followers of Jesus, they are encouraged to pursue the one relationship that will change them forever.

Starting now, we are asking our 7th and 8th graders to consider joining one of our leadership teams and start crafting ignition into the kind of ministry they want, they need, and they can bring their friends to meet Jesus. We have amazing adult leaders who are partnering with these teams of students to support them, disciple them, and develop them into the leaders they are made to be.

The three teams are:

Think Tank: Students on this team will help develop the large group teaching. This team includes a Think Tank of students critical to the development of relevant materials.

Welcome 2 Awesome: Students on this team will welcome all students to student ministry programs/events and help get them connected in real community

Epic Events: Students on this team will help organize special monthly events for our student ministry. (i.e. serving opportunities, outreach and public event, small group events, etc.)

Just last week in Quest, two of our high school students, Dylan Hunt and Alex Romero, delivered a powerful message. The main message. Not a few comments, or a story, but they preached. And God moved.

Imagine what it would look like if our middle school students would take on the challenge of leading their peers. Imagine the powerful opportunity that would be in changing the lives of our students, their friends, their schools and this entire region. Nothing is too big for God and He is ready and waiting to empower our students to change the world in His name.

I, for one, can’t wait to see that happen.