One [MAJOR] reason you CAN NOT miss the Fall Retreat…

Friday night will change your life.

Seriously. No exaggeration.

Why? How do I know? What’s the deal?


If you know who I mean, then you know – ’nuff said. If not, you need to know him. Nehemiah is a phenomenal artist and passionate follower of Jesus Christ. A former Seneca Valley High School football star who has overcome some incredible obstacles to make an impact on the world in the name of Jesus.

He truly embodies what it means to be UNSTOPPABLE. And, he has generously agreed to spend his Friday night with us!  He will be sharing his amazing journey and music with us on the retreat.

So – check out phenomenal music on iTunes.

Check out his Channel on YouTube.

Dig deep, get inspired and get REGISTERED for the fall retreat today (deadline for registration is Sunday 10/12)!