Jesus and Your Faith: ReFuel Devotional

Jesus And Your Faith Week 2, Devotion 2

This week’s Bible study was all about faith, specifically about faith in Jesus’ ability to answer our needs.

Do you have faith that when you pray God will hear you?

Don’t just say yes. Really think about it.

Do you truly, 100% believe God will answer your prayers? Do you ever wonder if your prayers are important enough? Do you ever question whether or not God wants to answer your prayers?

The great thing about our relationship with God is that we can know Him and His ways through the Bible. And the Bible promises that God hears our prayers. So, we don’t have to doubt that.

But if you doubt, what would you say the cause of your doubt is? Don’t feel like you have to hide from God. Take your questions and doubts to Him and listen until He shows you an answer.