The Power of A Sunday

By now you may have heard about the amazing Sunday we experienced in ignition this week. Six of our leaders shared their personal faith stories. Very personal stories. Very powerful stories. I, for one, have been forever changed by the courage each of them exhibited, the authenticity each of them displayed, and the hope each of them shared.

Jeff described the journey that brought him here to our area just a few short months ago.and how it has molded and shaped him in painful ways, requiring that he shift his self-sufficient nature to one of pure reliance on God.

Kecia shared how God has healed the scars from a horrific childhood, replacing her mistrust and feelings of unworthiness, and reshaping her past into a platform for grace, mercy and joy.

Courtney bravely told us how she has begun to understand that she indeed has a story of redeemed faith, replacing idols in her life with the One True God, and clinging to Him in a current season of pain and turmoil.

Ken opened his life to us, explaining how he has always known that God has had a plan for his life, painting a picture of purpose even in the face of abandonment, adversity and tragedy.

Amy beautifully told of how God has intertwined her life with that of her son Mikey in a way that has emboldened her faith, strengthened her connection to the God of miracles, and gave her hope in her most hopeless moments.

Mikey challenged us to rethink our circumstances, sharing how years of unstable and inconsistent leadership around him forced him to take personal responsibility for his own spiritual journey, and pursue knowing Jesus in new ways, despite the shifting environment around her.

Honestly, the spirit of God was nearly tangible in the room. The honest stories and beauty of God’s hand in the lives of people we know were inspiring and challenging reminders that we too have a story to tell and maybe, just maybe, there are people who need to hear it.

This week, the Other Story continues. Two more leaders will share their stories and some of our students will share how God has been working in their lives.

I cannot wait…


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