November ReFuel Series: Jesus and Culture

Today’s Christian students (and adults) find themselves living in a culture that is antagonistic to much of what they believe.

Against this backdrop, how do we know how to engage with culture in a way that keeps our influence intact, but keeps us from being negatively impacted by the world? The good news is that Jesus had lots to say about this.

Jesus And Culture, part of The Jesus Studies, helps us understand how to live as Christ-followers in the world we find ourselves living in. We will learn how to embrace being separate from the world but still living in it; how our lives as Christ-followers will be counter-cultural; how we are affected by what we consume of culture through media and entertainment; and that Christ’s ultimate goal for us is to embrace holiness in our interactions with culture.

For three weeks in November ReFuel will be exploring what Jesus has to say about living in and loving well our world.

Each week we’ll offer an opportunity to dig deeper on our own through devotionals posted right here. Trust me, this is a series that will change our perspective on this critical topic.