Jesus & Culture: ReFuel Devotional

Your devotion for today is short, but powerful. Take a second and read the quote below:

“People will not care what you know until they know that you care.” Anonymous

What is this quote saying?

Do you agree with it?

It’s not that hard to see the problem this quote addresses, is it? Too many people say they believe in Jesus, and call themselves Christians, and yet their actions don’t back it up. They don’t seem to demonstrate the fruit that grows out of a life with Christ at the center. And so we can’t blame people, particularly those who don’t know Jesus, who see hollow words not backed up by action and jump to the conclusion that Jesus isn’t worth knowing.

But, on the other hand, how much more powerful our profession of belief in Christ is when it is accompanied by real compassion toward those who most need Jesus’ love.

Today and this week, make it a point to demonstrate through your actions the difference Jesus makes in your life.