This December in ReFuel: Jesus and STUFF

Our culture puts a tremendous value on having stuff. And not just on having stuff, but being emotionally attached to our stuff. This message is played out in so many different aspects of our lives. We’re told a certain car will make us happy. A certain brand will make us cool. A certain gadget will make us fulfilled. And so many of us buy into these messages wholeheartedly.

Good thing Jesus had a lot to say about this.

Over the next four weeks, our students will learn so much of what Jesus had to say about our stuff. They’ll learn that it’s impossible to both love their stuff and truly love God; that if their love for their stuff comes between their devotion to God, they’re doing it all wrong; that no matter how much stuff they have, it doesn’t add any real meaning to their life; and that they have to learn to see their stuff as God’s to be used as He sees fit.

I’m looking forward to learning with your student what Jesus teaches us about how we’re to think about our possessions.

To prepare to engage with your teenager, think about doing the following:
  • Pray for your student and the group of friends in his or her Bible study group.
  • Think about how you’ve dealt with materialism in your own life and be prepared to discuss it with your student.
  • Consider leading your student to think of a way the two of you can show the love of Christ to others in the form of an act of service before the series is over.

Thank you for encouraging your student to be involved in these studies. Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have.