Why is everyone staring at you?

If you haven’t yet had the chance to check out Lead Pastor Mark Tindle’s blog, today is a great day to stop and do that. Like… now. Great post and it makes me wonder what the view is like through my window.

Living in faith, hope and Love

I love the scene from Elf (the movie) where Buddy’s dad walks past a department store display window in Manhattan only to discover his son is sleeping IN THE DISPLAY!  The whole world is watching Buddy’s every move.

The truth is, window shopping is big business during the Christmas season.  We’re checking out the trends, the merchandise, and the prices.  The question just below the surface is always something like, “Do I want what they’re selling?”

Each time the church comes together, whether in small groups, large gatherings, or anything in between, we’re on display.  And the world is window shopping.  I was reminded of this by a recent blog post by Ed Stetzer.

The church is called to be both a sign and an instrument of the kingdom of God. It’s…God’s agent in the world showing and sharing the word of Jesus to a broken and hurting world. But…

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