Jesus and Stuff: Week 1 Devo 1

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

Ever had a big trip or an exciting event looming just a few days away, and for the days leading up to it all you could do was think about how cool it was going to be? The event is days away, and has nothing to do with your current reality. But it has your thoughts. Your mind and heart are already there.

Read Matthew 6:19-21.

Kind of like having your heart and mind on a trip while you slog through your day at school, if you love your stuff too much, it will dominate your thoughts. Your whole life will be bent towards getting more, and trying to find value in your possessions.

The problem is, of course, our possessions offer us no real value at all.

Your heart must be trained on God. Your thoughts must focus on Him first. Only then will your life be in order. Our possessions, our stuff, can’t have any of our emotions wrapped up in them.

How are you doing in this area? How are your thoughts toward your stuff? Do you have a healthy attitude or do you need to do some work in this department?