Walking the Talk on a Lighted Path

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105

“The Bible is full of wisdom.”
“I should read my Bible more.”
“The Bible is God’s letter of love to us.”
“God gave us the Bible so we would know how to follow Him.”

We talk the talk all the time. We say all the right things, we know the church-i-fied answers.

But is this how we live?

Do we really believe that the Bible is relevant to our lives today? Do we really believe that God has spoken into our individual lives, right here, right now in 2015?

I believe that the only way to find out is to actually dive into the Bible. Like, for real. One of the EASIEST ways to do this is to walk through the book of Proverbs. The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters, and January has 31 days.

All we have to do is ready the same chapter as the date on the calendar.

That’s it.

I promise you, well really God promises you, that if you spend the next 31 days reading a chapter in the Bible, you will NEVER be the same. God’s word CHANGES us. It molds us, shapes us, inspires us, convicts us, empowers us and GROWS us.

There are some great resources to help us do this. One I really like is a journal page created by MasterPlanMinistries.net. Take a look at the key prompts it uses to walk you through ANY section of reading:

4 P’s Bible Study Worksheet

Before you start take time to do a “throne check” and ask God to lead your thinking and speak to you.


Make note of the things that jump out at you as you read.


Sum up chapter _______.
Of the verses that jumped out at you, look up the verse(s) or word(s) in Bible study tools (Commentaries, Strong’s, Bible dictionaries etc.) and write down what you learn. BibleStudyTools.com, BibleHub.com, MyStudyBible.com, BlueLetterBible.com are helpful sites.


Put yourself in this situation, what would you be thinking and feeling?
What does this verse show you about God’s character?
Ask God why He brought these things to your mind. Write down the thoughts that come to mind.


Write down some principles that stick out to you.

Personal Application

How does this relate to in your personal day to day life?
What is one way you can respond with action-oriented faith to what God has brought to your mind?

It will only take a few minutes every day. And the effects will last forever. And be sure to interact with this process. Post comments here, on instragram and facebook. Share with your friends – invite them into the process.