Middle School Parents – this is FOR YOU!

This post is from Cheryl Booth. Cheryl has served as one of our amazing leaders for several years. She has led ReFuel groups, participated in many special events and retreats, and is currently part of our teaching team. Her heart for students is deep and strong and extends to loving and caring for the whole family. So looking forward to seeing how God uses this phenomenal small group for parents!

During Christmas break the kids and I set to the task of cleaning out my car.  No small task indeed.  As we did I said that I wanted it spotless…to which my oldest exclaimed that my car could never be spotless.  And so that is the truth.  Sometimes I feel like I want life to be able to be all crisp and clean and organized like it was before I had kids. But the reality is that once you have kids – at least while you are raising them – there are so many things out of your control that it rarely works out that way. At least for me!

For a while now my husband Kent and I have wanted to have a care group that consistent of parents of young teens and preteens like us…so that we could support each other during this not so spotless time of life.  And more than that to have the students come as well so that they can form deeper bonds with their fellow Ignition students.

Finally we are at the season of life where we are ready to push forward to make that happen.

The Willefords were also interested in just such a group.  So this coming Sunday – 1/11. We’ll be meeting at their house (8909 Maxwell Dr, Potomac, MD 20854)  to begin making that group happen! We invite all families that would like to join such a group to come for a casual get together to discuss moving forward with this care group.

If you are interested but are not able to attend please email us and let us know.  We’d like to keep the group to about 6 families. So if we have a lot of interest then we will look to having multiple groups!   So if you are interested in hearing more about this group please join us on Sunday 1/10 from 3 to 5pm at the Willeford home.  Please RSVP to either Angie or myself so we know how many families will be attending.  This will be a group for families to attend, so parents and children of all ages are invited.  We plan to have a small devotional/Bible study time for the students, and will make arrangements based on numbers for younger siblings as well.

Contact us to RSVP or with questions – Cheryl Booth (claeb4@juno.com) or Angie Willeford (angiewilleford@verizon.net)  We look forward to have an awesome time connecting with other families!

The abbreviated details again:

WHAT: Starting a small group for families with middle schoolers (or soon to be middle schoolers), Meeting bimonthly

WHO: Parents and children invited to attend

WHEN: “Meet and greet” type first meeting to be held 1/11 from 3-5pm

WHERE: The Willeford residence – 8909 Maxwell Dr, Potomac, MD 20854

Come join us!