Beyond Belief 2015

It’s time to gear up for our middle school winter retreat!!!

When is it?  Friday, February 27th – Sunday, March 1st.

So often, right after we choose to believe and to follow Jesus, our spiritual walk comes to a screeching halt. Where do we go from here? Is there anything beyond simply believing? Beyond Belief is a unique retreat that aims to move us from that first step of believing, to a passionate pursuit of Jesus in our everyday lives.
This year, we will focus on living a Jesus Centered life, what that means, who Jesus really is, and why choosing to put Him at the center means choosing the best life possible. There will be large group teaching sessions, on-your-own quiet times, exploratory challenges, and an interactive prayer/worship experience all designed to help us understand the person of Jesus and what it means to live with Jesus at the center of our lives.

Beyond belief takes place at New Life Bible Camp in Buffalo Mills, PA. An ignition exclusive, we will have the camp entirely to ourselves. There are a ton of awesome activities there and plenty of beautiful spaces to explore and enjoy.  This is an electronics-free retreat. There is no cell service at the camp, so bringing your phones, ipods, laptops, kindles, and anything else that keeps you “plugged in” will do you no good.

$95 covers the entire cost of the weekend.

Application required with $20 deposit. This application is NOT for “approval”, but a way of registering and asking key questions that will get you thinking about what God has planned for you on this retreat.

Final balance due and deadline to register: Wednesday, February 18, 2015.

Students will meet at 13 Firstfield at 1:30pm on Friday, and leave no later than 2pm. Adult Leaders will be providing transportation. Return to 13 Firstfield planned for 1:00pm on Sunday.

Register here:

I can’t wait to see all God has in store for us on this retreat!!