Jesus and Stress: Refuel Devotional, Final Week – Post 2

“The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.”   Romans 8:6

Remote control cars were a big deal for a while. There are still clubs around the country where people get together and race their cars. It must be a big thrill for some people to have complete control over these super fast “big toys” just by using a small box in the palm of their hands.

Sometimes sin in our lives is like a remote control car with you being the car. It feels like you have no control over your life and if left unchecked the eventual outcome is spiritual death and spiritual decay.

Aren’t you glad that when Jesus died on the cross he took control of your life, and when you became a Christian spiritual death was forever taken away?

So what about sin in the life of the believer? You have the Holy Spirit living in you so let Him control your mind and stop giving in to sin.

In your prayer ask God to take away your desire for sin by letting the Holy Spirit fill your mind and heart.