3 good reasons to reconsider Lent

An excellent post with loads to think about and consider. Have you (re)considered Lent? (hint: it starts tomorrow)

Living in faith, hope and Love


For the past several years I’ve tried to make the season of Lent something more practical and transformational.  And I’ve encouraged our church to do the same.  Why?

Here are three great reasons worth considering this:

  1. GOD: God will show up in unexpected ways. If you’ve had a desire to “hear” from God, or to get direction, wisdom, insight, etc., Lent is a great way to open up that communication channel.  It’s a way to create opportunities for God to connect with you.
  2. SELF: Our traditions and habits are a powerful influence in the people we become. Just like celebrating Thanksgiving helps us develop gratitude, and regular exercise influences multiple areas of our mind and body, so Lent habits influence us at the core of our humanity.  We gain understanding of our desires and appetites, and learn that they no longer have to control us.
  3. OTHERS: Experiencing…

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