Ignition Mission: What’s the big deal?

Reality check: July is just around the corner.

It’s tempting to think of the upcoming trip to Cincinnati as just another summer programming “thing” from the church. It will fill a space on my calendar. It gets my kid(s) out of the house. It will show my kids how much they have and maybe they’ll appreciate it more. It’s one less thing I have to plan.

The truth is, mission trips are far more revolutionary than a van ride to sweat in the sun for a few days.

Long before even our first meeting as a team, the Holy Spirit is at work building that revolution. Each team is build from the heart up, starting with the initial prompts from God to step outside of where we are most comfortable. In so many ways, the mission team becomes a microcosm of what it means to live in Christian community, guided by the hand of God in very real ways.

And it doesn’t stop there.

One of the primary reasons we go on these trips is to train and equip our students (and our leaders and parents) in kingdom work that can, and needs to be, done right here in our own backyards. Our neighbors need us in ways we can rarely see without looking through the lens of bringing heaven to earth, or building God’s kingdom right here. This trip provides exactly the right set of “prescription” lenses.

And I’m not the only one who believes this. Take a moment to check out THIS VIDEO of what other student leaders are saying about the experience of partnering with Engage:Service.

So, as we approach the critical “drop dead” date to get on the team, I ask that you prayerfully consider sending your student and maybe even joining us on this incredible journey. All the details can be found in our Ignition Mission 2015 Packet and you can also download an official Ignition Mission 2015 Application.

The absolute final date to bring in your application and deposit is March 29th.

I look forward to having your student(s) and you on this year’s team!