The Last Day of Ignition Mission

Hi Lia here. To day at Ms. Joretta’s house we started to clean and rinse more toys that we found in the garage. Around lunch time we went to see the Roxy (Me and Harrison were on the trip last year and worked at the Roxy). After lunch we cleaned out the freezer which was unplugged and had rotting meat and ice cream since 2016.

The smell was Horrible but i could stand the sight of it Heather on the other hand could not stand the sight of it but could stand the smell of it. (BTW we had masks on and essential oils in it to help block out the smell). We then went to go get slushies and help Charlie (a next step staff member) load and unload the good wood and the burn pile into his truck to bring to Ms. Joretta’s moms house. It has been a hot and exhausting week but we manged to help and get a lot done. I am pleased to say that we officially and completed another week of Ignition Mission! See you tomorrow night!