The Last Day of Ignition Mission

Hi Lia here. To day at Ms. Joretta’s house we started to clean and rinse more toys that we found in the garage. Around lunch time we went to see the Roxy (Me and Harrison were on the trip last year and worked at the Roxy). After lunch we cleaned out the freezer which was unplugged and had rotting meat and ice cream since 2016.

The smell was Horrible but i could stand the sight of it Heather on the other hand could not stand the sight of it but could stand the smell of it. (BTW we had masks on and essential oils in it to help block out the smell). We then went to go get slushies and help Charlie (a next step staff member) load and unload the good wood and the burn pile into his truck to bring to Ms. Joretta’s moms house. It has been a hot and exhausting week but we manged to help and get a lot done. I am pleased to say that we officially and completed another week of Ignition Mission! See you tomorrow night!





Mission Minded? Check it out!

Summer 2017 brings us to a NEW adventure for Ignition Mission!

At Seneca Creek Community Church, we have defined our vision in the following way: To ignite a movement of the gospel that will transform our world with the H.O.P.E. of Christ! The gospel is the HOPE of the world and we, the Church, have been entrusted with that hope.

In ignition, we believe that students are in a unique position to live out this calling.

We are looking forward to an amazing summer Ignition Mission trip and we can’t wait to share the details with you!!

Mark your calendars and RSVP here for one of these two informational meeting dates:

  • Sunday, January 29th at 9:00am
  • Wednesday, February 8th at 6:00pm

This meeting will cover all of your questions about timing, location, student eligibility, etc. so if you are even remotely interested, please plan to be there. SPACES are EXTREMELY limited and unlike last year, it is unlikely I can add spaces beyond our current reservation.

Our trip dates are July 23-29, 2017 and, yes – I know it seems like the summer is forever away, but we are working with early deadlines and planning. Believe me, summer will be here before we know it!

Parents – if your student is interested, you really need to be at this meeting. And, if you are interested in coming on this trip as well, we will definitely be going over very important details about that as well.

You can keep up with information as it becomes available on our MISSION TEAM WEBSITE.

We can’t wait to see God build this team and change our hearts!

New Series: I’m In


“Are you in?” It’s a question we all answer over and over again. When there’s a party, when our coach says it’s time for tryouts, when we’re offered a summer job, when our friends go to the movies, or when someone invites us to church, we all have the chance to decide if we’re “in” or “out” for that particular activity. Sometimes the answer is an easy, “Count me in!” Other times it’s tougher. There are good reasons on both sides. Some of Jesus’ friends were faced with the same decision of whether they were “in” or “out.” They had good reasons to join the Jesus movement, but they also had some pretty compelling reasons to step out—things like doubt, guilt, pride, and the fear of what they might miss. As we get to know these sometimes famous and devoted followers, we’ll talk about the decision they faced, why they could have walked away, and what led them to say, “I’m in.”


By Carey Nieuwhof

Because when you find yourself the villain, 

In the story you have written

It’s plain to see

That sometimes the best intentions

Are in need of redemption

Would you agree?

– Death Cab for Cutie, “You Are a Tourist”

So Death Cab for Cutie is a band—just to be clear—one that’s on my playlist a lot these days. As that song played through my earbuds, it hit me that it describes how I sometimes feel about my parenting.

No new parent begins by saying, “I hope I mess up my child’s life.” Whoever sets out to be the villain in the story? But at one point or another, we end up there, don’t we?

You leave for vacation but are yelling at the kids before you’re even out of town.

You’re at home most nights, but you’re far too tired to engage.

Your kids repeated patterns of behavior drive you crazy, and you end up resenting them.

Your date night to nurture your marriage starts with an argument and ends with a meltdown.

You make empty threats to your kids that would make you wince if you heard other parents make them. But you are all out of tricks, so you threaten anyway.

And sometimes the temptation is to think that our failures should disqualify us as a parent. At least as a good parent. It must certainly disqualify us from being a godly parent.

But when you think that, you would be wrong.

What if that actually puts you in line with a great list of characters God used in significant ways? What if that actually qualifies you?

Peter was Jesus’ best friend, but Peter betrayed Jesus–badly. You would think that would put Peter out of the running to be a New Testament hero. But Jesus built the church on Peter anyway.

Moses seemed like a fine fellow until he murdered someone. Shouldn’t that push him off God’s short list? Apparently not. God made Moses into one of the greatest leaders in the Old Testament.

Why? Why does God use people as flawed as that?

I think weakness puts us in touch with our need for God. It reminds us that God is God, and we are not. That we need help. That there is a power greater than our natural brilliance (or lack of it) at work in the world. And that grace flows between the cracks in our lives.

God’s strength is most evident when the people He’s working with are weak.

What if the very thing you think is disqualifying you right now is actually qualifying you for a new chapter in your life

in Christ?

What if your weakness was a portal to new strength?

What if you are a parent turning in a brand new way to Christ’s love and you were able to give your son and daughter a front row seat to the grace of God?

I bet your kids would never forget the change they see in you. And you could one day tell them how it happened.

For more from Carey Nieuwhof or to connect to a wider community of parents, check out Parent Cue online.


Every parent wants to be a better parent, but as our kids get older it can be tough to know what we should do at this phase of development. This week, try taking one small step to sharpen your parenting skills. Maybe for you that means…

  • Reading one chapter of a book about parenting teenagers.
  • Finding and subscribing to a parenting blog or podcast.
  • Calling a parent with kids a little older than yours and schedule a coffee.
  • Making an appointment with a counselor to focus on a specific issue.

As your kid progresses through middle and high school, he or she is going to change a lot. You’ve probably already seen some of that. So, it’s a great time to invest in learning how to love them and lead them best at this phase and the next one.

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3 good reasons to reconsider Lent

An excellent post with loads to think about and consider. Have you (re)considered Lent? (hint: it starts tomorrow)

Living in faith, hope and Love


For the past several years I’ve tried to make the season of Lent something more practical and transformational.  And I’ve encouraged our church to do the same.  Why?

Here are three great reasons worth considering this:

  1. GOD: God will show up in unexpected ways. If you’ve had a desire to “hear” from God, or to get direction, wisdom, insight, etc., Lent is a great way to open up that communication channel.  It’s a way to create opportunities for God to connect with you.
  2. SELF: Our traditions and habits are a powerful influence in the people we become. Just like celebrating Thanksgiving helps us develop gratitude, and regular exercise influences multiple areas of our mind and body, so Lent habits influence us at the core of our humanity.  We gain understanding of our desires and appetites, and learn that they no longer have to control us.
  3. OTHERS: Experiencing…

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Why is everyone staring at you?

If you haven’t yet had the chance to check out Lead Pastor Mark Tindle’s blog, today is a great day to stop and do that. Like… now. Great post and it makes me wonder what the view is like through my window.

Living in faith, hope and Love

I love the scene from Elf (the movie) where Buddy’s dad walks past a department store display window in Manhattan only to discover his son is sleeping IN THE DISPLAY!  The whole world is watching Buddy’s every move.

The truth is, window shopping is big business during the Christmas season.  We’re checking out the trends, the merchandise, and the prices.  The question just below the surface is always something like, “Do I want what they’re selling?”

Each time the church comes together, whether in small groups, large gatherings, or anything in between, we’re on display.  And the world is window shopping.  I was reminded of this by a recent blog post by Ed Stetzer.

The church is called to be both a sign and an instrument of the kingdom of God. It’s…God’s agent in the world showing and sharing the word of Jesus to a broken and hurting world. But…

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