February series: Judgement Call

When was the last time you had to make a tough call?

Was it when deciding what to eat for lunch? To drink Coke or Pepsi? Go to the gym or skip it? The truth is, we make judgment calls all day long, from what we watch on TV or who we hang out with to more complicated decisions like whether to attend a party or stick with a tough friendship. And, in every decision, we’re forced to ask the question, “Which option is better?”

The problem is, our natural tendency to judge leaks into places it shouldn’t—like our relationships.

We start thinking of people as options and deciding which ones are better or worse. Many of us are even tempted to make those judgments about ourselves. Unfortunately, most of the time, we make decisions about people without all the facts. We don’t know someone’s whole story, their whole situation, or their whole potential. We miss the big picture. Maybe that’s why, in the Bible, God makes it super clear:

Judgment is His call. Not ours.

In this series, we’ll be taking a closer look at three individuals in the Bible and how they faced judgement. The nameless woman caught in a compromising situation (um, adultery), Rahab and Paul all wrestled with judgement in one form or another: judgement by the holier-than-thous, by a reputation, and by their own personal standards of perfection.

Their stories speak to the heart of why it’s so easy to judge, and so dangerous.

So, join us starting February 1st as we work through this nasty mess of judgement.

It could be the most freeing thing you hear all year!