HOOP it up!

It’s officially ignition Basketball Season!

Many of you already know I am a big time college hoops fan (ok – big time Hoyas fan). But even THAT doesn’t compare to the basketball season in ignition! I love seeing the students encourage each other in practice and in the games. I love getting to hang out with parents and families, seeing the way you all love on and build up your own, and cheer for and embrace the other students.

It’s like one gigantic 3 month long “Hug-Five”!

So, if you have never come out for a middle school basketball game, you may think I am a teense bit crazy. You may think that anyway. But trust me on this one…

From January-March, there are VERY few better places to be than courtside for one of these games.

Below, you’ll find the schedule. We have two teams this year, both amazing, and four amazing adults involved in the skill support and spiritual development of each of these students. I would like to ask for your help in one specific area in addition to coming out to the games.

6:00PM          SC3Ignition Blue vs. Cedarbrook                 Rocky Hill MS
7:00PM          SC3Ignition White vs. DRCC                         Rocky Hill MS
7:00PM          SC3Ignition White vs. Greenridge                Rocky Hill MS
8:00PM          SC3Ignition Blue vs. DRCC                           Rocky Hill MS
8:00PM          SC3Ignition Blue vs. Redeemer Lutheran     Rocky Hill MS
8:00PM          SC3Ignition White vs. Redland Baptist         Greenridge Baptist Church
6:00PM          SC3Ignition Blue vs. Greenridge Baptist     Rocky Hill MS
7:00PM          SC3Ignition White vs. Cedarbrook                Rocky Hill MS
5:00PM          SC3Ignition Blue vs Cedarbrook                  Greenridge Baptist Church
6:00PM          SC3Ignition White vs. DUMC                       Rocky Hill MS
8:00PM          SC3Ignition Blue vs. DUMC                          Rocky Hill MS
8:00PM          SC3Ignition White vs. DRCC                         Greenridge Baptist Church
7:00PM          SC3Ignition White vs. Redeemer Lutheran            Rocky Hill MS
8:00PM          SC3Ignition Blue vs. Redland Baptist                      Rocky Hill MS
6:00PM          SC3Igntion Blue vs. SC3Ignition White       Rocky Hill MS

As we get ready for this coming Saturday’s debut games, and as the season continues,

Would you please be praying for us?

Not for victory (although we’ll welcome that as it comes) but for our students and leaders to be transformed in to being more like Jesus through this season. For safety, security and community. For an opportunity to share with others this experience and God’s hand in our lives in this process.

Maybe, just maybe, you can’t make the game this week. Ok. I get that. You’ve got a lot of other weeks to choose from! So, I hope to see you in the bleachers at least once this winter!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our slideshow from recent practices!

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This Sunday: BRING THE UGLY!

It has happened to all of us.

Someone (who should remain nameless) give us a gift that brings the ugly to a whole new level. Maybe it’s a shirt that looks like a horse threw up on it. Maybe a sweater fit for your cat. Maybe a dress that you wouldn’t put on your dog. Maybe I’ve made enough animal references…

Well, this Sunday is your chance to wear it PROUDLY.

Come to the 11am service for a morning of silly games, hilarious ugliness, and an inspiring message about how to turn that ugly into amazing. Breakfast is on me.

It’s (almost) 2015 y’all!

Let’s look forward to the new year with a hope for a new hope and a new you (and me).