This Sunday: What’s on your mind?

I am so excited for this Sunday!

Why? Because the students are writing the message. Ok – well, SORT OF. This week is one of the weeks when we set aside the morning to talk through questions submitted by students!

And can I just say…these questions are incredible!

I’m so grateful to work with an amazing team of people to help pull together research and answers… or attempts at answers. How about a sampling, so you know what I mean…

  1. Just because you memorize verse and read the bible and pray, does that mean you’re faithful?
  2. What do you do when you can’t seem to connect with God?
  3. What happens directly after you die?
  4. How do you know if God knows you?
  5. What does eternity mean to you?
  6. How do I strengthen my relationship with God?
  7. What does the bible say about cussing and how to deal with it?
  8. Are demons real?
  9. How do I believe in myself?

And many MANY more.

So – do NOT miss this week in ignition (9:15am and 11:00am on Sunday). It will be amazing!